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A Shamanic Healing Session is useful for human beings and animals, who needs help on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Consultation, shamanic healing techniques and ceremonys help to activate the self-healing process of the body to find a way out of the crisis.

The Shamanic Counseling is beneficial for the human being. When you are in concern for your pet please read Spiritual Animal Message.

When a Shamanic Session is beneficial

The shamanic healing session clarifies the spiritual background of the disease and doesn't make medical diagnosis. 

  • To find the causes in chronic illness and diseases.
  • If you feel like there's a negative energy around you (release of blockades).
  • When you're struggling with addiction.
  • Solving restrictive beliefs and dogmas.
  • After you have gone through a traumatic experience. Compensation for the loss of vitality after a trauma or shock, expressed in a weak immune system, exhaustion and depression.
  • When you're not sure what direction to take next in life. For questions about love/relationship/separation, occupation/way of life, health, on topics which need a decision (divination).
  • If you are having a hard time releasing from things, people or relationships you no longer wish to be attached to.
  • When you have experienced the loss of a close one.
  • Remove harmful energies from the body (Extraction)
  • Closing energy gaps, bringing back lost life force and recovering vitality (Soul Retrieval)
  • Find your purpose in life (Soul Remembering)
  • Power animal retrieval
  • Helping those who have died cross over to a comfortable and peaceful place (Psychopomp) 
What a Shamanic Session can do for you
  • Balance body, mind and soul
  • Arouse inner resources and the healing process of your subconscious
  • Help to find emotional stability and self-confidence
  • Strengthening health and vitality
  • Connect you with your power animal
  • Help you to find the path you should be on
  • Help you enhance your relationship with your loved ones

The success of a healing method is entirely up to oneselves opinion having an increased well-being, feeling of inner peace and strengthening of health and vitality.

Is there anything you should know about a Shamanic Healing Session?

Shamanic Healing is very deep work that can affect the client on a deep subconscious level for up to a few weeks after the session. Please note that you must be willing to engage in personal work to experience long term results from any shamanic healing work.

During a healing session you may inwardly experience a variety of things or you may experience nothing at all. It really depends on each individual. There is no "normal" reaction to a shamanic session, everyone is affected differently. You may feel tired after a shamanic session. Please make sure to drink plenty of water afterwards.

Your subconscious will be doing a lot of work then, but you may not notice anything for a while. Please contact me by email if you have questions about it or if you feel you need to check in about anything you're experiencing in the weeks after your session.

Note: As shamanic healing deals with the spiritual aspect of illness there is no way to predict the results that will manifest emotionally or physically. Shamanic healing does not replace the need for traditional psychological and medical treatment. Rather, it should be seen as accompanying and supporting.

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